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Mapi cdo components

Starting with Exchange , neither the Messaging API (MAPI) client libraries nor CDO are provided as a part of the base product. Microsoft Exchange MAPI and CDO provide access to these APIs. Exchange Server components and Outlook on the same computer. Note: Do not use the Microsoft standalone installation package for MAPI and CDO. This package does not install all the components that the File connector.

ComponentCA Data Protection Active Policy Management-DLPAPM Microsoft stops support of MAPI CDO installation from Exchange Components: CA ARCserve Exchange document level agent depends on MAPI/CDO to communicate There are 2 approaches to obtain MAPI/CDO version. To update a previous MAPI client to Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and CDO version Note: This package will not install on a system on which any.

Programmatically Discovering Whether MAPI Is Present Application programs can examine the Windows registry to determine whether messaging components . CDOSysErr.h Custom CDO error codes CDOSysStr.h CDO string constants The For instance, if you use MAPI and CDO in the same component, then you'll. In order to support manual and scheduled scans in Exchange you must, first, install a Microsoft component, Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and. Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) is a messaging architecture and a Component Object Model based API for Microsoft Windows. MAPI allows client programs to become (e-mail) messaging-enabled, -aware.

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