Fakecarrier without jailbreak download

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Fakecarrier without jailbreak

Many iOS users want to change carrier logo on iPhone to something personal. This post will introduce you to a specific software with which you can customize your iPhone carrier logo. Change Carrier Logo on iPhone with CarrierEditor for Windows. The ability to customize a carrier logo has been one of the advantages to jailbreaking for as long as I can remember. Without jailbreaking, however, it hasn' t. There's still no way to jailbreak the iPhone 5, or other post-A5 devices running iOS 6, and that makes a lot of people sad, us included. But the.

The only problem with the method above is that the device has to be jailbroken. The release and popularity of the iPhone 5 has rendered the. of user's choice. It also works on non-iPhone iOS devices as well. On a jailbroken iOS devices users can simply download Fake Carrier from Cydia for free. Do any of the fake carrier tweaks allow me to also set different text for when I have no service?.

iPod touch Carrier Name and Battery Precentage without Jailbreak .. i did it but i only got the battery percentage but not the fake carrier what. Who's here is tired of seeing their default carrier logo on iPhone or iPad? For me, it's the good old' T-Mobile since It sucks not being able to customize the. 8 Dec When a device is jailbroken, it's a good indication that purchases made by Since non-jailbroken iOS devices do not have shell access, the.

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