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Plant quarantine

Plant quarantine is a technique for ensuring disease- and pest-free plants, whereby a plant is isolated while tests are performed to detect the presence of a. Attention PQ official/State PSC authority use different URL. Contact jdpq/ checkmail/contact RPQS incharge. Plant Quarantine Service. To sustain crop production  Import - Export - About Plant Quarantine - Sign Up. ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE. The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the safety and promotion of agriculture and forestry production and to protect natural.

The post-entry quarantine refers to inspection of some plants for planting or for propagation, where pests including virus that may be difficult to detect during the . Plant quarantine is defined as the legal enforcement of the measures aimed to prevent pests from spreading or to prevent them from multiplying further in case. 1, Strengthening & Modernisation of Plant Quarantine Facilities In India, Details. 2, Objectives, Details. 3, Present Setup, Details.

given authority by the Chief Plant Quarantine. Officer to perform the duties of inspection;. “carrier” includes any vehicle, ship or aircraft or any other means of. Subsequently Indonesia passed legislation banning coffee imports including sacs used for packing coffee from Sri Lanka and it was the first plant quarantine law. (Part I of Plants and Fertilizer Act, (Act )). The Plant Quarantine Division (PQD) works closely with the Customs Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS). Plant Quarantine. The Plant Quarantine Unit falls under the Technical Services Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries. Plant.

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