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Itween examples

A collection of examples demonstration effective and high-production animation techniques powered by the iTween library. Examples cover techniques ranging. MoveTo(gameObject,iTween. You are both asking iTween to move the object for you, and you are moving it yourself. For example. The examples available for purchase on this page are offered to help explain and demonstrate certain specific techniques and features available in iTween.

16 Apr - 10 min - Uploaded by Bob Berkebile Goes over every method in iTween. Sorry for the audio sync issues. The version on Vimeo. Here are a few examples: 1) A basic rotation: sumountaineers.comTo(sumountaineers.comject,"y", f, "time", f, "easeType", iTween. iTween is a class that provides a variety of methods. For example, in the arguments, you can specify the method that will be invoked upon the.

One of the useful callback it provides is the onComplete event. Below is an example code of how to use it:, iTween. iTween is no longer included by default in PlayMaker or higher. It can be Also see the official iTween documentation and examples.

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