War of the immortals latest patch download

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War of the immortals latest patch

War of the Immortals has been updated with the latest patch that brings the new Faith System online which allows players to receive special buffs and more. Add two more to the sunset list: Perfect World announced last month Thank you for your loyalty to War of the Immortals over the last six years. Seems like a good game but the game is way too easy to farm. Getting to level 50 which is almost the half of max level () in something like 2 hours.

After entertaining many players for the past six years, BOI and WOI, published by Arc Games, will be shutting down on January 9th, DetailsWelcome To WOI MORTAL, Experience x / Drop: x / Patch: Cult of . of the immortals private server Max level Rates: x 50x Newest WOI. DetailsJoin the first ever Battle of the Immortals private server XP x25 Drops x15 . DetailsLast update from official servers, new gameplay, easy to join, instant.

War of the Immortals is a top-down MMORPG by Perfect World, also known for News server priver Woi Cult fun Latest patch: Cult of the Wyrm Server. Launch Date. The Guardians of Fate update was announced February 22, ; This update went live on March 30, WOI Top #. Name. 01 WOI Update is finally here details below ) Potion of Elemental and Potion of Fortune now last for 6 hours. been awhile since i played either boi or woi.. ive played many p servers in the past across You can go download english server files, match and patch it. BOI - similar to the download i gave, though not as latest as this.

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