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Seramyu music

Looking for a Myu song? Look no further! Below is every SeraMyu song ever released on CD! Just click on the links to download an individual song or the whole. All 25 Myu CDs for download! SeraMyu songs live from the musicals, fan events and more! -home-. This category is for songs that were performed in the Sailor Moon musicals. Pages in category "Sera Myu Music". “ We are the Pretty Guardians is a song that .

Sailormoonmusical seramyu Flyer from the Musical. Music, Akiko Kosaka. Lyrics, Kayoko Fuyumori · Junya Saiki. Basis, Naoko Takeuchi · Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon musicals (セーラームーン・ミュージカル, Sērāmūn Myūjikaru), commonly referred The musical featured Satomi Ōkubo as Sailor Moon, Miyabi Matsuura as. Sera Myu (an abbreviation of the words Sailor Moon musical) is a collection of theatrical musical performances that ran from and in Japan. Many of. Hey, My name is Zoe aka Zony11 or 24Zony. I am a 20 year old girl who lives in Chicago IL and is a fan of all things random. I love to sing act and dance.

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