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Abp 688

Inhibits glutamate-induced calcium release from L(tk-) cells expressing human mGlu5 receptors (IC50 = nM). Keywords: ABP , ABP supplier, ABP, metabotropic, glutamate, receptors, group, I, human, mGlu5, mGluR5, antagonists, antagonism, Glutamate, (Metabotropic), Group. View and buy high purity ABP ABP, a novel selective and high affinity ligand for the labeling of mGlu5 receptors: identification, in vitro pharmacology. Abp C | C15H16N2O | CID - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities.

PubChem CID: Chemical Names: CHEMBL; UNII- MV07K3XC4O; MV07K3XC4O; ABP ; SCHEMBL; MolPort ABP is a high affinity human mGlu 5 receptor antagonist. Buy ABP from AbMole BioScience. Buy high quality ABP from toronto research chemicals Inc.

ABP ABP ABP sumountaineers.comory/MEYD2 sumountaineers.comory/ MEYD2 ABP "ABP [methyl-3H]". (3- (6- Methylpyridin- 2- ylethynyl)cyclohex- 2- enone- O- methyloxime)). Code: ART CAS#. Sizes: 50 uCi. Delivery time: approx. Need ABP for research? Find and compare commercial and governmental sources for immunological and biological products using the Linscott's Directory. Tocris Bioscienceā„¢ ABP High affinity human mGlu5 receptor antagonist. Brand: Tocris Bioscienceā„¢ / Code: Z1. Additional Details: CAS Number .

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