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Naca cobol java

It is taken from the NACA transcoder. which "translates" COBOL to Java, line-by- line, bit-for-bit, thus preserving exact functionality. The code sample was taken. Project NACA: automated migration from. Mainframe & Cobol to. Linux & Java. Didier Durand & Pierre- Jean Ditscheid. Publicitas & Pixedia. Submission # . Import Projects in Eclipe: D:\Dev\naca\JLib: JLib is Publicitas's Base java library - D:\Dev\naca\NacaRT: NacaRT, is NacaRuntime, runtime library for all Cobol.

Project NACA: automated migration from Mainframe & Cobol. . offers an alternative to standard thread programming, as (partly) offered by JAVA, for instance. During the NACA project run by Publicitas Ltd., 4m lines of COBOL were automatically trans-coded (migrated) toward their Java equivalent. Automatic migration from Cobol to maintainable Java (transcoding + runtime). Update june for information about updated and more recent versions (lots of.

[naca] r committed - Added the section NacaSamples to the . [naca] r committed - Added the Cobol Keyword COMPUTATIONAL-4 into By javacrud. Chapter 1: How we converted our entire COBOL code-base to Java introducing an open-source COBOL to Java converter called NACA. Didier DURAND writes "Just published an article about our % automated migration from IBM mainframe with Cobol to Linux Java: we could. I was the project leader for the project NACA mentionned above (automatic transcoding from cobol to java for 4 millions lines of Cobol).

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